Solid Edge

Everything from Surfacing Modeling to Stamped Sheet Metal Parts

Whether you design stylized or stamped metal products or the machines to manufacture them, the latest release of Solid Edge includes new innovations from assembly design, synchronous technology, surfacing modeling, sheet metal and detailing help you accelerate design, speed revisions and re-use imported data better. Also, new capabilities let you capture and share videos through YouTube.

Design Optimization for Better Fit and Function

Built-in simulation helps improve design integrity, and the new optimization capability automatically finds the optimal design alternative. Enter your design goal and let Solid Edge find the best solution so you can save material costs without sacrificing product quality.

Simulation – Demo

Complete Your Design Projects Faster with Solid Edge SP

New capabilities with the Solid Edge SP design management solution provides enhanced visual tools for simplifying your understanding complex data, and better searching. Manage projects and engineering changes better so you can get products to market faster.

Solid Edge SP — demo

Helping SolidWorks Software Users Move to Solid Edge

If you’re using SolidWorks®, Autodesk® Inventor® software, or Pro/E® software, taking advantage of synchronous technology has never been easier. A new bulk migration tool for SolidWorks converts entire projects while preserving key design intent so you can modify parameters such as hole definition, assembly relations, and much more.

Editing SolidWorks Imported Data – Demo

Solid Edge. Design Better

Solid Edge ST6 satisfies over 1000 customer requests to accelerate design, speed revisions and better re-use imported data. Here are some highlights of the latest release of Solid Edge:

  • Reduce time-to-market by creating stylized designs up to 4 times faster and stamped parts up to 5 times faster.
  • Lower product costs without sacrificing product quality with a new design optimization tool.
  • Complete projects quicker with new and improved visualization and search capabilities in Solid Edge SP.
  • Moving projects or folders of designs from SolidWorks to Solid Edge is made easier with a new bulk migrator.

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